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Solutions Custom Virtual Assistants for any project

Connected Device / IoT OEMs

Looking to create a custom virtual assistant for your connected device? Get up and running in a matter of minutes by connecting to our cloud platform using industry standard protocols. Make your device talk with as little as one line of code. Contact us today and have a smart, talking device tomorrow.


Connected Car Solution Providers

Keep your drivers eyes on the road with our powerful virtual assistant technology. Powered by cloud platform, SHE integrates with your existing solution using industry standard protocols. Get your car talking with as little as one line of code. Natural language speech is a powerful addition to any automotive Human Machine Interface design while reducing driver distraction with a hands-free experience.


Connected Home Solution Providers

The power of connecting all your home devices is ease of use. The vision of controlling your devices by voice and having your devices talk to you is here today with SHE. Leveraging our powerful cloud-based natural language platform, SHEnetics enables you to rapidly add voice capabilities to any home device, thermostat, security system, lighting or any connected appliance. Let us provide the voice interface so you can focus on creating amazing devices.


Smartphone & Tablet OEMs

Make your smartphone and tablet even smarter with SHEnetics. Differentiate your device from the pack with a highly customizable solution that's ready to install and go. Quickly innovate and launch new features that integrate with your existing software to create a seamless user experience, all driven by voice.


Wearable Device OEMs

The wearable device market is booming in all areas, including Healthcare, Fitness, Infotainment, Industrial and Military. With small form factors and lack of keypad input, voice capabilities are increasing becoming an important Human Machine Interface. Leverage the power of SHEnetics's cloud-based natural language platform to rapidly add voice capabilities to any device using industry standard protocols.